Cassandra Morgan (CP Morgan) is an award-winning author, writing coach, and speaker residing in NW Ohio. 

She was raised in a town so small, it was technically a village at the time, where she spent her childhood running through the woods behind her house and reading as many books as she could.

Cassie hails from a family of writers, authors, English majors, and journalists, so it was no surprise when she wrote her first episodic series at the age of eight, and her first chapter book at the age of ten. She read the entire Teen section at her local library in a single summer and quickly moved on to larger tomes.

Taking inspiration from authors such as Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, McCaffrey, Rice, movies like The Last Unicorn, The Neverending Story, and Willow, and an insatiable interest in mythology and folklore from around the world, she wrote her first fantasy novel with extensive world-building and a large cast of characters at twelve years old.

Cassandra is a frequent guest at conferences and conventions, speaking on topics of writing, publishing, and marketing. She has had the honor of sitting on panels with Nebula and Hugo Award-Winning Authors, Mary Robinette Kowal & Amal El-Mohtar, Hugo Award-Winning Author, Jim C. Hines, and Multi-Award Winning and Nominated Author, Mary Ann Mohanraj, among many others. 

Before transitioning to a career in writing and publishing, Cassandra worked various positions in animal husbandry. She now uses her knowledge and certifications volunteering with various animal rescues across the USA, taking on medical and emotional rehabilitation cases. Learn more about her adventures in fostering under the Foster Files blog. 

Past Guest Attendance

Northeast Ohio Christian Writer’s Conference


Continuum Con

Ohio Comic Con

Imaginarium Con


JustWrite Ohio (State Tournament)

Cincinnati Comic Expo

Cleveland ConCoction

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Short (50 words)

Cassandra Morgan is an award-winning author residing in Toledo, Ohio. Her works include The Kingdoms of Chartile series, The Silver Fox Mysteries, Damsel in (Social) DistanceThe Witch of Eisenwald Forest appearing in Dreams of Darkness, and Elixir of Life appearing in Of Rust and Glass Spring 2022 edition. 

Medium (100 words or less)

Cassandra Morgan is an award-winning author, writing coach, and speaker residing in Toledo, Ohio. She writes in several genres, though there is always a little magic in everything she creates. Her works include The Kingdoms of Chartile series, The Silver Fox Mysteries, and several stand along works. 
She lives with her husband, six su-purr-lative felines, and any number of foster kittens where she thrives on coffee, courage and kitten cuddles. Visit to learn more.

Long Form (200 words or less)

Cassandra Morgan is an award-winning author, writing coach, and speaker residing in NW Ohio.

She has published works in two series, including The Kingdoms of Chartile (YA Epic Fantasy) and The Silver Fox Mysteries (Magical Cozy Mystery). Her stand alone works to date include, her short story The Witch of Eisenwald Forest (Gothic Fairytale Horror) appearing in the Dreams of Darkness anthology by Dragon Storm Press, Damsel in (Social) Distance (Sweet Clean Romance), and The Elixir of Life (short story) appearing in Of Rust and Glass Spring 2022 edition. 

She has traveled throughout the Midwest USA speaking at conferences and conventions about writing, publishing and marketing. 

When she’s not rescuing orphan kittens or doing voice acting for villainous purple mermaids, Cassandra can be found creating worlds of magic, suspense and friendship.

A lover of doughnuts and a self-proclaimed Coffee Connoisseur, Cassandra hails from a family of writers, authors and journalists. Writing is literally in her German-English-Belgian blood (though we’re not sure which one to blame).

She lives in NW Ohio with her hubby, six su-purr-lative felines, and any number of foster kittens. 

Visit to learn more

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School and Book Reports

Full Name: Cassandra Penelope Morgan

Birthday: March 8, 1988, 11:55 PM. She shares her birthday with both of her grandfathers!

Parents: Kristine & Patrick

Place of Birth: Wauseon, Ohio

Childhood Town/School: Swanton, Ohio.
Elementary: Park School
Middle School: Swanton Jr. High School
High School: Swanton High School (9-10 grade) and Penta Career Center (11-12 grade)

First Job: Dishwasher at the restaurant her mother worked at.

Current Pets: Ailurette, Ankhanra, Anukis, Pixie, Buddha, Tiramisu 
Some Past Fosters: Louie, Diana, Kara, Dinah, Sunshine, Stella, Bear, Sassy, Oliver, Jinx, JuJu, Roony, Taza, Mouse.

Life Highlights:

Cassandra grew up in a family of writers. She was always read to and encouraged to write her own stories.

She participated in her local 4-H group where she was chosen to represent Fulton County at the Ohio State Fair multiple times. Projects included Cats I, II, III, Dog Obedience, Creative Writing, Veterinary Husbandry

In 2004, she chose to attend a local vocational school in small animal care where she graduated at the top of her class, and in the top 2% of the entire graduating student body in 2006.

After graduation, she immediately enrolled in vet tech school, but soon realized she wanted a different path.

Cassandra holds several certifications in animal nutrition and animal behavior, and has given lectures on Feline Behavior and Nutrition all over the Midwest, USA.

She decided to turn her passion for writing into a career in 2012, the year she married her high school sweetheart.

Her first story, Prophecy, is based on games she would play with her friends after school in the woods behind her house.

Cassandra also enjoys participating with The International Cat Association. She shows her cats, Buddha and Tiramisu in the Alter, and Household Pet Classes, where they have won regional awards.

Cassandra also fosters with several local animal rescues, specializing in bottle baby kittens, and Medical and Mental/Emotional Rehabilitation.