The Witch of Eisenwald Forest

The past holds secrets darker than Hansel & Gretel could ever imagine

Available Everywhere October 13th

Eisenwald is dying.

One day, the Eisenwald Forest turned black as death, silent and barren. No Lambs nor Calves, Crops nor Children have been born for over a generation. And Zelka Holzhauer may be their last hope.

Despite her unwavering kindness and compassion, the town’s mistrust of Zelka and her Al Shahar heritage lingers, a shadow that haunts her every step. A skepticism not aided by the sudden flood of long-lost childhood memories tainted by power, greed, and Sin itself. Amidst the encroaching malevolence, Zelka must confront the sinister forces that seek to consume her, unraveling the mysteries of her own existence and the horrifying secrets concealed within Eisenwald Forest.

This Gothic Fairy Tale Prequel to Grimm’s classic “Hansel & Gretel,” explores the price of betrayal and the consequences of being pushed to the limit. Award-winning author CP Morgan will leave you on the edge of your seat and sleeping with one eye open.

Elixir of Life

Literary Fiction Short Story Featured in the
Spring 2022 Edition of
Of Rust and Glass