Time Management vs Time Scheduling


The number one thing I hear from authors making big bucks from their books is Time Management.

But Time Management is such a broad term. It simply means, “To use one’s time effectively and efficiently.” What the heck does that mean?

As writers, when we are in the middle of our creative process, we don’t always know how long a scene may take us to write or how long it will take to get to 2,000 words.

For this reason, I prefer to employ the concept of Time Scheduling.


What is Time Scheduling?

Simply put, time scheduling is the practice of blocking out specific chunks of time for specific tasks. This creates more structure. You work on a specific task – and only that task – for the allotted time. Once your time is up, even if you aren’t finished, you move on to your next task.

But what do you do if you don’t finish something?

That’s a great question. Either once a day or once a week – however you have your time structured – you want to schedule a few hours or even one day to what I call Catchall.

Catchall is like the Unfinished Projects folder, but it doesn’t have a negative sounding name to it. Also, it could be anything that we didn’t get done, not just writing or marketing projects. That’s why it’s called Catchall.

By blocking off specific times for specific tasks, your mind doesn’t become as easily overwhelmed with that long and daunting To-Do list you’ve created of AAAALLLL the things you have to accomplish in a single day.