Greetings Fellow Grown-ups,

You’re probably reading this for one of two reasons:

  1. You’ve stumbled upon my website because you’re looking for a writing mentor/coach for yourself or the young writer in your life.
  2. The young writer in your life has pulled you away from making dinner and is holding you hostage until you read this.

With those two points in mind, I promise, I’ll be brief.

My name is Cassandra Morgan. I am a published and award-winning author, a member of The Cat Writers’ Association, and have traveled across the country speaking at writing conferences and conventions. I’ve been creating stories since before I knew my alphabet. I come from a family of writers and was inspired by my high school English teacher to give back to young writers and nurture them as Mr. Urban did for me.

I’m not going to bore you with writer lingo. I know you have other things to be getting onto. But, if you’re here, and you’re still reading this, I know it’s because you care about the young writers in your life. You see their gift, their potential, and you believe in them. Even if they never become a famous author or screenwriter, knowing you believed in them can make a world of difference to their self-confidence. Which, we all could use a little bolster to right about now.

And learning good writing skills isn’t just about crafting the next Best-selling novel. Developing a proper foundation for writing can translate across multiple fields of study.

  • Writing effective and efficient emails for maximum communication in the workplace
  • Drawing up legal contracts or contracted work proposals
  • Individuals with good writing skills have an easier time translating those written words into public speaking presentations
  • College applications and essays that will stand out

All of these, and more, could be in your young writer’s future, and I would be honored to help them with that journey.

Use the form below to contact me, and we can schedule a free consultation.

Thanks for reading! Now, you might want to flip whatever it is you’ve got in your skillet before it burns.

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