Why You Need a Writing Mentor

When I was a bright-eyed little schoolgirl, clutching a notebook full of stories to my chest, I thought I was going to be the next Tolkien. Later, when I was a worried-eyed young adult, clutching a flash drive full of stories in my pocket, I thought I was a fraud, that I’d never amount to anything. If only I had someone to guide me, that bright-eyed schoolgirl may have stayed bright-eyed, and become a bit more educated on how I was going to be the best writer I could be, instead of trying to be someone else.

I can give you inspiration on your dark days. I can help you navigate the Rules of Writing so you know how to break them. Through one-on-one instruction, we can work together to take your good writing to great.

My name is Cassandra

I’m a seven-time published, award-winning author, speaker, and writing mentor. I’ve traveled across the US, teaching students just like you about the writing journey and writing process. My passion lies in helping young, teen, and newbie writers find their special voice.

Words Have Power

As writers, we have been granted one of the greatest gifts known to man. How you choose to use that gift is entirely your own making, but sometimes we need a guide for the path we have chosen.

Whether you want to build a greater foundation of knowledge about the elements of story, or you’re looking for help on a specific project, I’m here to help.