The screen glow white on my laptop tonight,
Not a sentence to be seen.
This deadline is overwhelming,
And when’s the last time I was seen?

This story’s howling
But it’s jumbled up inside.
Couldn’t keep it in
Even if I tried.

Don’t tell do show,
No head-hopping,
Be the good writer
That you were meant to be.
Conceal then reveal
Don’t give up hope
Now narrow the scope

Let it flow, let it flow,
Can’t hold it back if I tried.
Let it flow, let it flow,
This present tense needs to die.
I don’t care
What the critics will say.
Let this tale be told.
I haven’t showered in three days anyway.

It’s funny how some caffeine
Makes everything seem clear.
And this plot that once controlled me,
No longer holds my fear.

It’s time to see what I can do,
To test the limits, then review.
I’ll write what’s wrong
No rules for me
End scene.

Let it flow, let it flow,
Throw some romance on the side.
Let it flow, let it flow,
And then I’ll kill that guy.
Chapter breaks
Let this tale be told.

My fingers flying ‘cross the keys, now slowing down
My female lead’s allowed to have a really big breakdown
My thoughts solidifying as everything makes sense
Screw this writer’s block
I’m back to present tense

Let it flow, let it flow,
Can’t believe it’s nearly dawn
Let it flow, let it flow
Now all my chocolate’s gone

Here I stop
At the break of day
My tale’s been told

I haven’t showered in four days anyway.

*Credit to Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez as the original song writers to “Let it go.”