Creating Compelling Characters

Part Five

Character Types

The fifth aspect of character is all about Obstacles.

And just like many of our other aspects, there are two kinds of Obstacles.

  • External
    1. The physical stuff
    2. Plot-driven
  • Internal
    1. The emotional stuff
    2. Character-driven

But unlike many of our previous aspects, we’re not necessarily looking to create conflict with our obstacles, rather we want to use them together. Both obstacles stand in the way of the character wants and help them realize what they need.

Here are some examples:


  • Sam Gamgee
    • Internal: Wants to return to the Shire and keep things the way they’ve always been
    • External: Must defeat Sauron to do so
  • Eleven
    • Internal: Wants to be a normal child

External: Must defeat the evil in the regular world and the upside down to be defeated