Cassandra Morgan

Writing Mentor

Time Management vs Time Scheduling

Time Management vs Time Scheduling   The number one thing I hear from authors making big bucks from their books is Time Management. But Time Management is such a broad term. It simply means, “To use one’s time effectively and efficiently.” What the heck does that...

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I Have Too Many Books Left In Me

This post is going to be unlike any that I've ever written. I'm getting real, because maybe if I scare myself a little bit more, something will finally happen. 2019 is going to be a year of big changes for me. I learned this year that I'm capable of so much more than...

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Types of Editing – by Amy McNulty

Types of Editing by Amy McNulty Amy is more than just my editor. She is a reader, a self-proclaimed fangirl, and an author herself. She has over fourteen books of her own, and had edited countless others. Most importantly, Amy has become a dear friend, and I am...

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