Cassandra Morgan


Jayson Hill

Born July 22nd, Jayson is red-haired, freckled, and clumsy. His family has lived in Swansdale for several generations. He uses comedy and jokes as a way to hide his personal insecurities about never being good enough at anything. His life’s ambition is to become a fighter pilot.

Jack Mitchel

Born May 10th, Jack is very tall and very handsome with dark brown eyes and dark brown, wavy hair. At seven years old, his family moved to Swansdale from Dover, Arkansas for a fresh start when Jack’s father attempted to sober up for the first time. Jack escaped into books as a child when his parents argued and fought. Later, he began using poetry and writing as an outlet for his emotions.

Leonardo DeHaven

Born September 19th, Leo and his father, Reagan DeHaven, moved from a small town not far from Las Vegas when Leo was 10 years old. As the son of two NASA scientists, Leo approaches everything in life with a sort of linear logic. Growing up close to the tourist attractions of Area 51, Leo has secretly always had a fascination with historical conspiracies, and the strange and unexplainable events in world history. At the age of 12, Leo began trying to learn Sanskrit in order to read and decipher the ancient documents he heard about while on a trip to the art museum that supposedly mention extraterrestrial encounters. However, shortly after this, Leo received his first video game console, and rarely looked back. Leo is the spitting image of his father from the messy blonde hair, gray-blue eyes, and slightly pudgy physique.

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