Cassandra Morgan


The Kingdoms of Chartile

In a land torn asunder by forbidden magic, four friends hold the key to saving the realm… or destroying it.

Jayson, Jack, and Leo never imagined wandering through the woodlands of Ohio could cause them to be whisked away to a fantasy world – but that’s exactly what happened.

Trapped within the world of Chartile, a land on the brink of ruin, they have no clue how to wield their newfound and outlawed magic, let alone save a kingdom.

With their new friend, Piper, they discover an ancient prophecy which may be the realm’s last hope. And if the prophecy is to be believed, Jayson, Jack and Leo are the reincarnated souls of Chartile’s ancient kings, their return long ago foretold to right the wrongs of the land.

With an Elven Princess bent on taking every last bit of Chartile as her own, and a Dwarvik society on the brink of civil war, these friends must come together to save the realm, or risk losing everything. It’s safe to say, getting home is the least of their problems.

An enchanting young adult epic fantasy novel with dwarves, elves and magic, Prophecy is the first book in the brand-new Chartile series. Exciting, fresh, and fun, Prophecy tests the power of friendship against the strength of evil. Teens and adults both will become obsessed with the incredible world author Cassandra Morgan has created.

 The Kingdoms of Chartile are more divided than ever, and only one boy has the power to finish the prophecy his father began…

Charlie Hill’s life is utterly abysmal. He has no friends, and plenty of enemies. To make matters worse, his father is locked up in a psychiatric ward for believing his time spent in Chartile twenty-three years ago was real.

But Charlie soon discovers Chartile IS real, and it is not the realm of fantasy from his childhood dreams. The returned kings did not leave Chartile in peace, they were the spark that lit the fires of war – a war to bring back magic, and a war the elves believe only the son of a returned king can end.

But Charlie is not his father, no matter how hard he tries to shoot a bow or ride a horse. And his feelings for Princess Ailinn are confusing, making his decisions about the prophecy even more complicated.

It’s only when the enemy of the Elven crown finally makes their move that Charlie must decide whether to let all his father worked for be destroyed or forge his own legacy in Chartile.

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The Silver Fox Mysteries

Cassandra Morgan
writes as

C.P. Morgan

A unique paranormal cozy mystery, Dorothy Claes and the Prison of Thenemi is the first book in the brand-new Silver Fox Mysteries series. C.P. Morgan integrates spies with the myth and lore of cats from around the world. Readers of all ages will be kept on the edge of their seats until the end.

Life is supposed to get easier the older you get, right?

After a life of world travel and jujitsu competitions, retired museum curator, Dorothy Claes, is ready for a quiet life. Despite the rambunctious antics of her feline companion, Solomon, taking over the antique shop her late-father willed to her seems like the perfect way to settle into retirement.

But when a mysterious stranger comes to call, spinning tales of magical artifacts and the organization in charge of them, life becomes anything but quiet. To discover the truth surrounding her father’s not-so natural death, Dorothy finds herself recruited into the organization her father had secretly been part of, The Silver Foxes.

With Solomon in tow, Dorothy heads out on her first mission: discover, obtain and neutralize the artifact that is causing pedigree cats in Paris to disappear and their owners’ memories to be wiped before it ends up in the hands of someone far more sinister.

The older you get, the less time you seem to have

And Dorothy Claes has no time for secrets. It’s been a year since she joined The Silver Foxes to uncover the truth about her father’s death, and she’s no closer than when she started. It might be time to call it quits.

But when a fellow agent goes missing on a mission in Iceland, Dorothy finds herself on one last case. Trouble is, she knows nothing about Icelandic lore, and to top it all off, her cat Solomon is active very strange. Can she find her missing agent and the other kidnapped children, or will The Silver Foxes have another death on their hands?

They say with age comes wisdom

Yet retired museum curator, antique shop owner, and international spy, Dorothy Claes, is beginning to wonder if she’s playing the fool. Even with a new lead on her father’s death, she feels more alone than ever, wrapped in the secrets of The Silver Foxes and what those secrets really mean.

When Destin sends Dorothy and her cat, Solomon, on a mission to Russia to retrieve the lost Faberge Constellation Egg, it feels like a set up. With no cover, no contacts, and no extraction plan, could this be her last mission?

New enemies emerge, new allies reveal mysteries of their own, and Dorothy soon discovers there are consequences to digging too deep.

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The Witch of Eisenwald Forest

Short Story in Dreams of Darkness Anthology

Not all fairytales have a happily ever after.

Dragon Storm Press presents an anthology of dark fairytales by some of today’s best fantasy authors. Full of magic, betrayal, curses, and dark deeds, these stories will take you on a fantastical journey.

THE WITCH OF EISENWALD FOREST by Cassandra Morgan – The past holds secrets darker than Hansel and Gretel could ever imagine.

Forest dark and forest deep,
Forest doth thy secret keep.
Forest that they turned upon,
Forest without love so long.

Three times knock upon thy chest,
When moon is waned and ravens nest.
Three times cross the sign of God,
When townsmen show their face a fraud.

Three times spit upon the graves,
For deserters that they God won’t save. 
Three times is the time for luck,
When children play and run amuck.

Three times is the sum of sin,
When neighbors turn upon their kin.
Three times you shall be betrayed,
And fall before the dealthy shade.