Cassandra Morgan



When she’s not rescuing orphan kittens or doing voice acting for villainous purple mermaids, Cassandra can be found creating worlds of magic, suspense and friendship.
A lover of doughnuts and a self-proclaimed Coffee Connoisseur, Cassandra Morgan hails from a family of writers, authors and journalists. Writing is literally in her German-English-Belgian blood (though we’re not sure which one to blame).
She lives in NW Ohio with her hubby, five fabulous felines, and any number of foster kittens.

What I’m Reading

First the vampires attacked. 
Then the angels came. 
Humans thought they were saved. 
They were wrong. 

In less than a year, the Vampire and Angel War ravaged the country and decimated the human population, razing lands in golden fire and pools of crimson blood. 

Seventeen-year-old Liv thinks the immortals have stolen everything from her until a warrior nephilim drops from the sky and snatches away the only person she has left. Now Liv must risk everything to rescue Asher from the dreaded angel tower.

Even if that means trusting Declan, a gorgeous stranger who saves her from a pair of ravenous vampires. As much as Liv hates to admit it, she needs him to survive the perilous trek south. Declan’s cunning, strong, and charming, but he’s definitely keeping secrets.

Those dark secrets, once revealed, will force Liv to question whether Declan will be the key to rescuing Asher or her ultimate downfall. 

My Review

This is the first book I read from this author, and I will definitely be reaching for the rest of the books in this series. I loved the premise of this story. The twist on the idea of angels was fascinating, and I am looking forward to what she does for the vampires.

This is the first book in a very long time that I read start to finish in one day. It held my attention. However, if I could give half-stars I would, and would give a 3.5 There were just some things that really frustrated me that I couldn’t let go.

1. Liv couldn’t do anything without the men in her life. Seriously, there are absolutely NOOOO women in this entire book except Liv until the very end. Even the NPC’s she runs across are all men (save for 1 vampire). The female we do meet at the end, who I believe is supposed to take on the role of Wise Mentor, is NOT a good role model for Liv.

2. Liv is along for the ride in her own adventure. Liv has all these ideas of what she wants to do, but it’s everyone else around her who figures out how to implement those ideas, and then takes her along for the ride. She offers absolutely nothing of value, which is incredibly frustrating.

3. Liv’s personality is confusing. One minute she is pining over her lost love/bff and making plans to rescue him, the next minute she’s jumping out of her skin at the tiniest sounds. Liv has zero bravery, and then the next minute she does? But she doesn’t do anything with it. So, does she need all these men to do everything for her or not?

4. The romance moved too fast. If the person I had a crush on for years suddenly kissed me (and incredibly passionately), and I am on a quest to save him, I highly doubt I would be so easily swayed to having feelings for someone else, no matter how handsome or “angelic” they might be, and so quickly. I think something about this may be revealed in future books based on what Sammarah said at the end of the book, but I wish this had been explained just a smidge.

5. I honestly think this book would have benefitted from a prologue – which is pretty rare. This would have given the author more time to focus on better character development instead of having to explain about the war. 6. Duke was adorable, but he also added nothing of value to the story. I honestly thought she would have been better off leaving him with the FBI agent at the beginning. He just proved cumbersome, and it was like the author had to figure out ways to incorporate the dog to keep it in the story. It became incredibly annoying and didn’t add value to the plot since Duke doesn’t really do anything. He doesn’t tackle vampires or find a hidden clue. So, why is he there? He’s not really comic relief either, so I don’t understand his continued inclusion.

Overall, it’s a good book, and I am looking forward to the rest of the books in the series.