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Wattpad Wednesday – Outspoken by Tori Hope

It’s time for Wattpad Wednesday again! This week brings a new twist on an old trope. Magic. But not just any magic; magic to save or kill someone. Oh, and did I mention it’s set in modern times? And did… Continue Reading →

Writing Terminology, Part 1

I often run across young and new writers who have just started their journey with writing groups and interacting with other authors. While more experienced writers are more than happy to offer up advice to this new generation in literature,… Continue Reading →

Wattpad Wednesday – Hades

Seems like I just can’t shake this cold long term. I’ve been under the weather for the last 3 weeks, and I finally went and saw the doctor last night. Here’s to hoping I’ll be on the up-and-up soon, and… Continue Reading →

Wattpad Wednesday – Double Feature Birthday Bash

This week is my birthday! And as a special treat, I’m giving you not one, but TWO undiscovered authors this week. Both stories are very different, which makes them so much fun to post together! First, let me introduce you… Continue Reading →

Special Birthday Q & A

It’s Cassie’s Birthday! Technically, yesterday was my birthday, but close enough. For my 28th birthday on March 8th, I have compiled 8 questions from my fans and followers to answer for you. Hunter-in-TheTardis: What sort of stuff do you like… Continue Reading →

Wattpad Wednesday – The Noonfighter

It’s time for Wattpad Wednesday again! This week we feature Benjamin Rain and his novel The Noonfighter. I asked Benjamin to give me the low-down (is that even a term anymore, or am I totally dating myself?) on who he… Continue Reading →

Get Your Book Into the Gutter!

When I first began my journey into self-publishing, I felt like the exchange student who only spoke a small bit of my new country’s language. I knew enough to get by, but just barely. Sometimes, it still wasn’t enough. When… Continue Reading →

Wattpad Wednesday – Little Red Robin

Featured Author: Cheyanne Nicol Cheyanne Nicol is a Life Skills Instructor, attending College Student, and Freelance writer. She has been a member of Wattpad for the past couple of years; she started writing the book “Little Red Robin” (working Title)… Continue Reading →

An Interview with Author Jason Hewitt

I had the pleasure of meeting Jason last year at the Columbus Comic Con. The world he had created was so familiar, and yet so unique, I just had to learn more! Jason’s first book, Depleting Ore: A Minecraft Novel… Continue Reading →

An Update

I am a terrible human being. A low life, scum of the earth human being. I realize I have been neglecting all of you, and I feel just awful. So, what have I been working on lately? I’ve set Book… Continue Reading →

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