Character List

Main Characters

  1. Jayson Hill: Born July 22nd, Jayson is a red-haired, freckled, clumsy, young boy whose family has lived in Swansdale for several generations. He uses comedy and jokes as a way to hide his personal insecurities about never being good enough at anything. His life’s ambition is to become a fighter pilot.
    Alexei_960x643                                                                                                              Alexei Schulz as Jayson Hill
  2. Jack Mitchell: Born May 10th, Jack is very tall and very handsome with dark brown eyes and dark brown, wavy hair. His family moved to Swansdale from Dover, Arkansas when Jack was seven years old for a fresh start when Jack’s father attempted to sober up the first time. Jack escaped into books as a child when his parents were arguing and fighting. Later, he began using poetry and writing as an outlet of his emotions.
    cropped-IMG_58901.jpg                                                                                                        Tyler Harding as Jack Mitchell
  3. Leonardo DeHaven: Born September 19th, Leo and his father, William DeHaven moved from a small town not far from Las Vegas when Leo was 10 years old. As the son of two NASA scientists, Leo approaches everything in life with a sort of linear logic. Growing up close to the tourist attractions of Area 51, Leo has secretly always had a fascination with historical conspiracies, and the strange and unexplainable events in world history. At the age of 12, Leo began trying to learn Sanskrit in order to read and decipher the ancient documents he heard about while on a trip to the art museum that supposedly mention extraterrestrial encounters. However, shortly after this, Leo received his first video game console, and rarely looked back. Leo is the spitting image of his father from the messy blonde hair, gray-blue eyes, and slightly pudgy physique.
    IMG_5897                                                                                                  Ronald Harris as Leonardo DeHaven
  4. Piper Romilly/Eva Ruani: Born Eva Ruani, the second daughter of King Aramor and Queen Runa, Piper was raised in a very small village called Outland Post by her adoptive parents, Nevan and Paria Romilly, and her adoptive mother’s mother, Kaytah Chaudoin. Growing up, she always felt different. She looked different from anyone in her village, and her family required far more from her than the other children she grew up with. Piper accompanied her grandmother on trips all across the Dwarvik and Elven territories of Chartile, where she learned courtly etiquettes, and even how to read and write the fancy calligraphy styles of the nobles.
    When she was 13, Piper began showing her first signs of magic. Her parents and grandmother attempted to keep her occupied with more etiquette studies, and learning the laws of the land. It worked for some time, until Piper set half of her village on fire in an attempt to help her mother light the hearth. Piper attempted to use her magic to stop the fire, but only created more. Many people were killed, including several of the children she had grown up with and her own parents. Piper fled to the mountain close by until the villagers of Outland Post sent a messenger to the Palace. Kaytah, Valar Marion, and Princess Taraniz returned to the village with an armed guard, ready to take Piper away. Valar, disguised as a knight, recommended casting Piper into the wild, as she might destroy the forest or the palace as she did Outland Post. Taraniz reluctantly agreed, and Kaytah was able to continue caring for Piper from a distance.
    Piper has the same messy red hair and brilliant green eyes of her mother, Runa. She enjoyed working with her hands and making things in her father’s smithy. She also learned that she enjoyed archery, and liked to collect pretty stones she found.
    Piper is tenacious. She doesn’t like to ask for help, and doesn’t always work well in groups. Even though she doesn’t show it, she cares about everyone, even those who have done wrong to her.

    IMG_5957                                                                                                         Saylor Spees as Piper Romilly
  5. Dimitri: Dimitri is the son of Empress Nefiri’s youngest brother, Nahari, and Nefiri’s head retainer, Dujanah. Nahari, who worked as a Dwarvik guard for his sister, met Dujanah on a trip to Duneland to acquire more human servants. Nahari insisted Nefiri take Dujanah. Several years later, it was discovered Nahari and Dujanah had been romantically involved for some time. As this is prohibited by Dwarvik law, Nahari was put to death. Nefiri refused to allow Dujanah be put to death while she still carried an innocent child. The Council of Elders, however, would not allow Dujanah to live, and did not remove her orenite cuffs during labor. Dujanah died, and Dimitri was protected under Dwarvik law as an innocent. Nefiri raised him as her own.
    Dimitri met Piper when she was seven years old while accompanying Kaytah on a trip to Mount Kelsii. The two became fast friends. Dimitri was permitted to spend time with Piper back at Outland Post for a few days at a time while growing up. When he was 17 (his Dwarvik blood made Dimitri age much slower than Humans or Elves), Dimitri took up the role of Head Retainer to Nefiri like his mother just before Piper was cast out to live in the mountain on her own.
    Dimitri was both loved and hated by the Dwarvik society. He was a constant, cruel reminder that even those voted into power made mistakes. But his charm and exceedingly handsome looks gave him an upper edge, especially with the Dwarvik women. Dimitri was not afraid to use this to his advantage.

Secondary Characters

  1. Valar Marion: The first born nephew of the Lord of Cannondole, Valar succeeded his uncle (who had no children of his own) at the age of 22. Before that time, he lived with his parents in Harpy’s Point where his father worked as a tax collector. Valar and Runa were friends as children, but grew apart when she was sent off to marry King Aramor. Runa worked to get her old friend appointed as the King’s Head Advisor shortly after her marriage when Armor’s advisor at the time decided to retire.
    After Runa’s death, Valar attempted to be like a second father to Princess Taraniz. When the soul of Duke Noraedin overtook Taraniz, Valar was one of the only people who could help Taraniz overcome Noraedin. As Noraedin’s soul grew stronger, Valar soon saw there was little more he could do to save her. Heartbroken, he began working to put plans into motion to help Piper ascend to the throne and usurp Taraniz. His original hope was that Piper might be able to help Taraniz better than he could as he had heard rumors of her magic.
    After his son married Piper and took the throne, Valar took back over as Lord of Cannondole, and attempted to remain oblivious to the greater political workings of Chartile. He spent his time with Brock’s father and enjoyed vinting various sweet wines.

    IMG_5920                                                                                                                      Kevin Allen as Valar Marion
  1. Valin Marion: Valin Marion is the only child of Valar and Aylin Marion. His parents met at the age of 16, and were married shortly thereafter. Valin was born exactly 1 year later. At only 17 years old, Valin took up the position of Lord of Cannondole when his father went to work as the Head Advisor to King Aramor and Queen Runa. Aylin was able to help her son rule Cannondole until she passed a few years later from The Five Day Fever. Valin had a string of lovers early on as Lord of Cannondole, much to his mother’s dissatisfaction
    Valin is a lover of music (and brandy), and would often join his fellows at The Glass Lantern for a drink and a song. He is quite proficient at the lyre, and is said to have a lovely singing voice.
  2. Empress Nefiri of the House of Auldfr: Nefiri is the fourth born child of Nefara and her second hasana (later Harasan of Nafara of the House of Auldfr), Madiri. Nefara served as a council elder for 38 years. Nefiri was chosen by the Council at 7 years old to train as a Princess of Mount Kelsii. At 20, Nefiri chose to be trained in Peace, and became Princess when she was 29. Shortly after being chosen for training as a child, most of Nefiri’s brothers decided to train as Royal Guard to protect their sister.
    Nefiri knew of her brother’s affair with Dujanah before she even bought her for service in Duneland. Being denied love as a Royal had never set well with Nefiri. She was often disheartened by this, and didn’t want to deny Nahari true love if he had found it.
    Nefiri often found peace and harmony while consorting The Oracle to speak to Rashiri. (The Oracle is a tool used by only specially trained priestesses – Though Nefiri had specifically requested to be trained in its use – to speak with the Gods. The Oracle is a flat, highly polished piece of obsidian surrounded by running water.
  3. Princess Gemari of the House of Jetari: Gemari was the second daughter of Nefiri’s second eldest brother, Kehara. She was chosen by the Council at age 5 to train as a Princess of Mount Kelsii. At age 16, Gemari chose to be trained in the ways of Peace, like her aunt, the Empress. By age 17, Gemari had succeeded Princess Thora as Princess to Mount Kelsii when Princess Thora was involved in a tragic cave-in that killed her and her entire guard. Rumor and speculation say it was due to her involvement with the Black Diamonds. Some believe several Council Elders planned the accident, and subsequently blamed the Black Diamonds. However, there is no proof of this.
    Three years later, Princess Gemari had worked with the Council of Elders to begin working to reconstruct some of the old, abandoned mines for the safety of the Mount Kelsii citizens, and the integrity of the mountain itself. Unknowingly, these mines were later occupied by The Black Diamonds in secret.
    Having been thrust into her position of power and responsibility at such a young age, Gemari never experienced much in the way of a childhood. She always felt rather naïve and out of place being the youngest among her peers. Meeting Jack and learning more about the Black Diamonds made Gemari see the world in a different light. She felt the weight of her position in a way she never had before, and went on to become one of the most beloved and well known Princesses of Mount Kelsii.
  4. Queen Una of the House of Ulfra: Una is the second born daughter of Ulfra and her first hasana, Bragrin. Ulfra had miscarried her first daughter, and therefore, put many pressures on Una to be the perfect daughter. Una had only one younger brother who worked as an architect and helped to build new mines and tunnels. At the age of 14, Una insisted on being trained in both Peace and War. Ulfra did not believe her daughter was up for the challenge. Una was determined to prove her wrong.
    Ulfra returned to the stone one year after Princess Thora’s death from unknown causes, leaving Una with the additional responsibility to care for her father and her mother’s other hasanas.
  5. Queen Isla of the House of Arnkatla: Isla was born the first child of Arnkatla and her first and only hasana, Esjani. Isla’s parents had quite a different upbringing for their children. They believed in equality and love above all else. Secretly, Arnkatla and Esjani were two of the first to begin working towards creating a coalition that advocated the beliefs of the Black Diamonds. Arnkatla and Esjani groomed Isla tirelessly in hopes she would be chosen by the Council for princesshood. When she was, they continued to influence her training through her teachers and trusted Elders.
    Though few ever knew, not even her own parents, Isla taught herself the traditional ceremonial dances of her people. She loved to dance. She met Kylani when she had snuck away to one of the abandoned mines to dance in secret.
  6. Princess Faeridae of the House of Gudvor: Faeridae is the first born daughter of Gudvor and her second hasana, Faerdir. Gudvor and Faerdir were friends of Arnkatla and Esjani, and were soon recruited to the beliefs of equality they upheld. Though they did not raise their children with the beliefs as strongly as the House of Arnkatla, Faeridae and her brothers were certainly aware of the underlying political issues in their society.
    Faeridae and Isla, though nearly 14 years apart in age, were good friends. Faeridae was one of the few who knew of Isla’s love of dancing.
    At the age of 5, Faeridae was selected by the Council to train as a Princess of The Tutarian Mountains. Feeling the growing tensions of the Black Diamonds and the Council of Elders, Faeridae felt being trained in War, like Queen Carendeil, would be wise. Her parents, however, were not happy with this decision, and felt they had failed their daughter by not instilling a want of peace and harmony within her.
    Both of Faeridae’s parents, and one of her brothers, were killed during a raid by the Kelsii soldiers when their secret location within the mountain was discovered. Until Princess Gemari helped to rebuild the abandoned mines, The Black Diamonds were scattered after this attack, and worked in small groups. Faeridae turned to Arnkatla and Esjani for assistance in helping find new marriages for Gudvor’s remaining hasanas and a few of her brothers who were not yet married.
  7. Brande of Kymora: Brande was born the fourth son of Kymora and her third hasana, Bairdir. Brande was denied entry into the Kelsii Soldiers training program at the age of 15. He ran away from home and lived on the outskirts of the Belirian Forest close to the mountain for three weeks. His brother, Kylani, found him, and told him about The Black Diamonds. Both brothers worked as miners, and were able to falsify their deaths in the accident that killed Faeridae’s parents. After which, they worked in quietly to bring more members into The Black Diamonds.
  8. Kylani of Kymora: Kylani was the third born son of Kymora and her third hasana, Bairdir. Kylani’s two eldest brothers were accepted to train as Kelsii Soldiers at a very young age, leaving Kylani to help his father and his mother’s other hasanas to care for his other brothers and baby sister. Kylani showed an interest in medicine very early, and began training under one of the Kelsii healers by the age of 12. This left him little time to spend at home. He felt entirely responsible when his little brother, and best friend, Brande, ran away from home a few years later. While looking for clues to where his brother may have run off to, Kylani discovered Isla dancing in an abandoned mine. They met secretly every day for over a week, where she taught him about her beliefs and The Black Diamonds. With Isla’s help, Kylani discovered Brande was living at the base of the mountain in the Belirian Forest. He immediately went after his brother, and convinced Brande to come back home with the hopes of them joining The Black Diamonds.
    Kylani and Isla’s secret meetings continued over the years.
Other Characters
– Parents –
  1. William DeHaven: William “Bill” DeHaven received his PHD in Engineering with a minor in Quantum Physics from Cambridge University. He moved back to the United States to live with his parents, Marvin and Darlene in their retirement home in Las Vegas. After being forced to teach mathematics at a local community college, Bill received a job offer from NASA two years later. He met his wife while working on their project, P905-Tes.
  2. Emily DeHaven: The adopted daughter of a successful casino owner, Emily Ward (later DeHaven) was expected to take over the family business. When she decided to change her business major to a degree in Quantum Physics, the family disowned her, and she never spoke to them again. She met her husband 13 years later while working for NASA on the P905-Tes project. Her family never knew she married or had a child. When P905-Tes was cancelled, and Emily and Bill were dismissed from work, Emily immediately contacted friends she had in France and found a job at CERN.
    Heartbroken, Emily left her husband and son behind, hoping to return to them one day.
  3. David Hill: David Hill was a software programmer that worked from home, giving him the ability to take his daughter, Jessica, to her specialty school in Michigan. He later went on to work for Apple Corporation after his children had graduated high school.
  4. Susan Hill: Susan Cancio (later Hill) was a dental hygienist like her mother before her, working at the same dentist’s office her mother had years ago. Her family had lived in Swansdale for several generations. She and David did not leave until after Jayson had bought their home from them when David was offered the job by Apple Corporation. It was the first time Susan had ever been out of the state of Ohio.
  5. Carter Mitchel: Carter Mitchel began drinking at the age of 15 after suffering years of physical abuse from his alcoholic father. Carter, unfortunately, followed in his father’s footsteps, despite every effort not to be like his dad. Carter found a job at a local gas station in Dover, Arkansas as a mechanic. He met his wife, Karla, when her car was towed into the shop. She had been travelling on a road trip across the country with her friends after graduating from college. Karla and Carter fell in love at first sight, and Karla never returned to her home in Maine.
    After losing his job due to his alcoholic tendencies, Karla was able to convince her husband to sober up. They were quite successful for nearly a year. Unable to find good work, however, the Mitchel’s decided to move to Ohio where there were more automotive jobs available.
  6. Karla Mitchel: Karla Franklin (later Mitchel) was the youngest of three sisters, and the only one to graduate college. Her family had never supported her endeavors to want to waste her money on a college education when she would have been perfectly secure in money and life working at her family’s historical Bed and Breakfast. But the tenacious young girl had other ideas. Graduating at the top of her class, with magna cum laude honors, Karla took off with her friends for a much needed escape. When their car broke down, Karla met her husband, the young mechanic at the small gas station up the road. Two years later, they were married with their first child, Jack, on the way.
    Karla knew about Carter’s drinking habits from the very beginning of their relationship. However, she refused to admit her family had been right about marrying “that redneck boy”, and would not abandon him.
  7. Nevan Romilly: Descended from a family of blacksmiths that had lived in Outland Post for generations, Nevan Romilly met his wife, Paria, the granddaughter of a successful scribe and herbalist from The Rushing Reeds Province when Kaytah came to do a census of the village and had brought her daughter along.
  8. Paria Romilly: Paria Chaudoin was the daughter of a palace scribe and local fisherman, and the granddaughter of a palace scribe and herbalist from The Rushing Reeds Province. Paria was mostly raised by her grandparents when her father drowned in a fishing accident when she was 3 years old. Her mother continued to work as a palace scribe, and traveled all over the Elven territories of Chartile, sometimes bringing her daughter once she was older.
    Paria met Nevan while accompanying her mother on a trip to Outland Post. Paria followed in her grandmother’s footsteps as an herbalist, and was one of the main healers in Outland Post, due to her knowledge and the little village’s isolation.
  9. Kaytah Chaudoin: Kaytah Chaudoin was the daughter of a palace scribe and his wife, a successful herbalist from The Rushing Reeds Province. She decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and became a palace scribe when she was 21 years old. Kaytah met her husband, Patrin, and had married by the time she was 17. Knowing her ambition to become a palace scribe, Patrin cared for their daughter, Paria, and was happy to do so. Patrin died in a fishing accident when Paria was 3 years old, leaving her grandparents to care for her.
    Kaytah’s father had lost his hand the year before in a bear attack, and was able to help his wife not only care for Paria, but help her to fill orders as the local herbalist.
    Kaytah retired from scribal work after the accident in Outland Post concerning her granddaughter, Piper. There, she took over as the healing woman in Outland Post, and cared for Piper to the best of her ability from a distance.

  10. Sintori: Harasan of House Geofra and second husband, Sintori worked as a historian at Mount Kelsii his entire life.
  11. Imohad: Third Hasana of House Alofrah. Younger brother to Elder Imohan of the Topaz Quarter of Mount Kelsii. Imohad worked as a soldier his entire life.
  12. Orctkar: Son of Balla and her first hasana, Otkatir, Orctkar should great interest in working with food from a young age. He worked along the mountainside with some of the farmers when he was an early teenager. Balla soon found him a job working in the kitchens at Mount Kelsii. Orctkar went on to marry Neradah, and became Harasan to her House.
  13. Ketari: Ketari was the first daughter of Nefiri’s second eldest brother, Kehara, but was considered to rigid for selection in training toward princesshood. Instead, she decided she wanted to be a retainer. Shortly after that decision, Gemari was chosen to train as Princess of Mount Kelsii, and it was easily decided that Ketari should be her head retainer.
    Ketari often helped her sister make important decisions, but she often did not agree with her.
  14. Frejah of the House of Berkhildr of the Carnelian Quarter: First daughter of Berkhildr, a previous elder of the Carnelian Quarter. Frejah always knew she wanted to be an elder. It took her some time to decide whether she wanted to marry or not. Frejah had 2 hasanas that outlived her. She had 3 sons and no daughters.
  15. Ulfwyn of the House of Hallvor of the Cobalt Quarter: Second daughter of Hallvor and her Harasan, Ulfrik. Ulfwyn never took any husbands. Rumors say she bore one illegitimate child, but it was never proven.
  16. Queen Carendeil of the House of Esjamourn: Queen of the Tutarian Mountains, Carendeil passed back to the stone from the Five Day Fever when she had only recently been made Queen.
  17. Goddess Rashiri: Mother Goddess to the Dwarves. She hears the prayers of the dwarves, and delivers them to the appropriate God or Goddess, who then decides whether to act upon the request. She is the protector of the dwarves, like a guardian angel.
  18. Ygdalla of the House of Dryfinal of the Amethyst Quarter: Ygdalla is the first daughter of Dryfinal and her Harasan, Yngvarr. Ygdalla was an only child for many years, as her mother did not wish to take anymore husbands. Ygdalla was raped by a soldier when she was 17 years old. From that point onward, Ygdalla decided to embrace her femininity, and used the position of power she knew she held only because of her being female to hurt anyone who tried to defy her.
    It was Isla who calmed Ygdalla’s rage and anger, and showed her that not all men acted in such a way. Ygdalla eventually supported her friend’s underground movement of getting a male voice on the Council, but there was still a part of her that only wanted this so she could prove how much better a woman was than a man.
    Ygdalla eventually married, but only took one hasana, like her mother. She trusted her husband, and wasn’t sure she could ever trust anyone else so wholly without the risk of being hurt again.
  19. Princess Thora: Princess to Mount Kelsii. She passed in tragic cave-in that killed her and her entire guard. Rumor and speculation say it was due to her involvement with the Black Diamonds. Some believe several Council Elders planned the accident, and subsequently blamed the Black Diamonds. However, there is no proof of this.
  20. Goddess Verika: The Dwarvik Goddess of Truth and Law. The Elves do not believe in her existence.
  21. Imohan: Daughter of Alofrah and her third hasana, Imojarah. Elder of the Opal Quarter of the Tutarian Mountains.
  22. Jarvae: Daughter of Jarlil and her second hasana, Torvae, Jarvae is the elder of Garnet Quarter of the Tutarian Mountains. She took a husband very early in life, and eventually took 3 more. She was blessed with 2 daughters and seven sons.
  23. Tagrin: A soldier of Mount Kelsii. His brother was killed in a sabotage by The Black Diamonds, and forever held the deepest hatred toward the organization.
  24. Maltori: Second Hasana to the House of Arnfastah. Maltori worked as a blacksmith for Mount Kelsii, often repairing the soldier’s armor. He turned spy for The Black Diamonds after overhearing a conversation from two colleagues. He later became an informant for Princess Taraniz when he heard she wanted to absorb the dwarves under Elven law. Maltori always placed his bets with the biggest fish and the highest builder.
  25. Jentar: A long-time supporter of The Black Diamonds. Jentar learned his trade as a blacksmith and armorer, then faked his death in a skirmish between the Mount Kelsii soldiers and a group of Black Diamonds. Since that time, he has sold weapons and weapon accessories to most of the rogue organization using the connections he still had to those working in secret in Mount Kelsii. He had begun to expand his reach into the Tutarian Mountains in order to obtain other supplies with some of the travelling merchants, and the Queen and Princess themselves. Jentar never married, but eventually began a relationship with one of the human slaves much later in life.
  26. Aerndis: The first daughter of a wealthy family in the Ruby Quarter, Aerndis had taken 2 husbands by the time she was 31, and the other two followed suit shortly thereafter. She had 2 daughters and 13 sons. She had great influence within the Ruby Quarter, often bribing and manipulating whomever held the Elder seat of her quarter at that time.
  27. Aeris: The second daughter of a wealthy family in the Ruby Quarter, Aeris was nearly the opposite of her older sister, Aerndis. She married late in life, having only 2 husbands, 4 sons and no daughters. Aeris’s first husband was recruited to the ranks of the Black Diamonds as an inside source within the Palace Guards early in his career, and confided this to Aeris shortly after their marriage. They quietly supported the efforts of the Black Diamonds, and Aeris worked hard to undermine all her sister attempted to do to further the cause of executing all of the Black Diamonds.
  28. Lynden of Lynhldr: The sole survivor of a tragic altercation between the soldiers of Mount Kelsii and The Black Diamonds in the Ruby Quarter. The incident mostly surrounded the third hasana of the House of Lynhldr discovering his wife and her other husbands had been working with The Black Diamonds. He coordinated an attack on the household, but told the family at the last moment, hoping they could all flee into the Belirian Forest and start a new life elsewhere. The soldiers attacked before they could leave. Lynden hid inside a cabinet during the altercation. She watched her entire family slaughtered through the crack between the doors.
  29. Halil Commander of the Guard: Harasan of The House of Isanorah of the Amber Quarter. Halil was father to 1 daughter and 2 sons. He held his position as Commander of the Guard (giving instruction to all of the soldiers and palace guards in Mount Kelsii) into his 60’s, until he finally retired once he developed something similar to kidney stones.
  1. Princess Taraniz: First born daughter of King Aramor and Queen Runa, Taraniz Anirya was quite a normal young girl. She liked pretty things, especially shoes and bracelets, and had a pet cat at one time. Taraniz began having strange dreams when she was 12 years old. She would wake up screaming, and still see images before her that no one else could see. By the time she was 13, she had fallen into a great depression, and had become cold and bitter.
    Taraniz attempted to confide in her father the voice in her mind and the darkness she fought every day. Aramor was afraid, and shunned her. Taraniz became angry. She felt betrayed and abandoned, as Valar had since left several months before with no explanation as to why. Her fear became anger, and Duke Noraedin’s soul within her was able to grow and feed from her anger. At times, Taraniz felt powerful, and longed for greater control over the amazing things the voice in her mind could do with magic.
    Soon, however, Taraniz began losing moments of time. She could not remember what day it was, or how she had gotten to a particular place. She could no longer remember what she had been doing even moments before, though it had actually been hours. When the hours turned to days, Taraniz began fighting the voice in her mind with what little strength she had left.
    Taraniz came to enough to read several documents the voice in her mind was trying to block her from reading. They said she had a twin sister. Having recently heard of an incident in Outland Post involving a girl her age, Taraniz was determined to discover if this person perhaps could tell her who her sister was by using some form of magic. Duke Noraedin took over her quest after she had called the orders to ride to Outland Post, and she did not come to again for several days until they were nearly back to the Elven Palace.
    Taraniz did want to bring the dwarves and elves under one rule. Her hope was that by integrating some of the more “magical” and “mystical” practices of the dwarves into the elven culture, her people would one day become more open to allowing the practice of magic under intense restriction and supervision. It was how she had hoped to rid herself of the darkness in her mind. Had Taraniz lived, she and Piper would have clashed over this point, and there would have been a struggle for the throne.
  2. King Aramor: The only child of the late King Armon and Queen Eleanor, Aramor always knew he would be king. He had no cousins, and few uncles and aunts.
    Aramor gave little thought to becoming king until his father died of River Lung (similar to our pneumonia). Having little experience with leading his people, Aramor looked heavily to his mother for guidance.
    The Conclave was losing faith in Aramor. Talks of finding Queen Eleanor a second husband to be king were rampant. Queen Eleanor arranged the marriage between Aramor and Runa, daughter of the Lord and Lady or Harpy’s Point, in the hopes it would settle her son and lead him to be more responsible. The kindhearted spirit of Lady Runa was well known across all of the Elven territories. It was for the love of Runa that kept the Conclave from mutiny.
  3. Queen Runa: Lady Runa Elisa Vouclaine was the daughter of the Lord and Lady of Harpy’s Point. Due to the climate of Harpy’s point being so close to a very large lake, it is ideal for growing many of the herbs needed for medicines.
    After accompanying her father on a several week long trek for his tournament season, Runa saw the need to get these much needed herbs into the hands of the other surrounding towns and villages.
    Runa accompanied her father on his next tournament season, and distributed herbs to ever surrounding village and town she could travel to while her father fought in the competitions. She taught some of the healers how to use some of the herbs they had never seen before, and how to grow them outside of the ideal Harpy’s Point environment.
    Runa was only 17 when this all occurred. She asked her mother to commission the Conclave of Nobles for a better road to be built from Harpy’s Point to the main road so they could get stored herbs to other towns more quickly during times of illness.
    Queen Eleanor was not blind to the great deeds being done by Lady Runa. She arranged the marriage between Runa and Aramor when Runa was 19 years old.
  4. Duke Noraedin: Brother of King Pasalphathe, and one of the most powerful wielders of magic within Chartile at the time. Noraedin was also a great alchemist. Some believe he poisoned his own parents to try at attain the throne. Noraedin was able to bring many elves (and humans) under his banner as the rightful king.
  5. King Florine: One of the last known dwarvik male royals. Florine helped to establish a basic system of writing that could be used between the races, and a mutual form of justice when dealing with interracial crimes.
  6. King Jenemar: King Jenemar (of Elven decent) negotiated with Duke Noraedin for the meeting to call peace between their warring parties. If a settlement could not be made, it was then discussed to use the orenite circlet to kill Noraedin. King Jenemar, however, did vote against this, but the rest of the Kings of Chartile were in favor.
  7. King Kasmalin: The last known merfolk royal. Little is known about Kasmalin. Many believed he was far more intelligent than his other fellow kings, and had far greater magical abilities. However, he chose not to use his magic often, or in great capacities, and took a stance of neutrality most of the time. Kasmalin slowly faded away into history. There is no known record of his death, or where he went after the death or Noraedin.
  8. King Pasalphathe: The last king of the human race. When Noraedin fell, and order was brought to Chartile once more, Pasalphathe was eventually put into orenite cuffs and faded away into history.
  9. Tathias: An Elven soldier, manipulated by Noraedin to work in secret with the dwarves in order to infiltrate Mount Kelsii. Taraniz (under Noraedin’s control) had killed Tathias’s family. Tathias was manipulated to do Noraedin’s bidding in order to join his family in the afterlife.
  10. Brodrick Garrison: The son of a local vinter in Cannondole. Brodrick did not sit idly by and live off his parent’s coin. Brock was always extremely ambitious, even at a very young age. He did odd jobs for the merchants and business owners in Cannondole, including delivering medicines from the local apothecary, and caring for the horses and stable at The Glass Lantern.
  11. Atana: Second daughter of the owners of The Glass Lantern. Atana is much smarter than she appears to be. At first.
  12. Krista: Beck-and to the Lord of Cannondole.
  13. Sister Theodora: One of the Sisters of the Chantry of Canna. She particularly likes to garden.
  14. Sister Marta: One of the Sisters of the Chantry of Canna. She likes to read and write.
  15. Mattimore Roux: A first rate rogue. Mattimore earns his coin at various jobs, and just as quickly spends it away. He has traveled all over Chartile, and has been caught by the local soldiers of several towns for stealing or fighting. His most recent antics of attempting to walk onto the palace grounds rather drunk, with the intention of marrying Princess Taraniz, landed him in the palace dungeons.
  16. Duke Ewan of Rushing Reeds Province: A distant uncle to King Aramor
  17. Lady Evanora, Runa’s Grandmother: Part of Piper/ Eva Ruani’s namesake. Evanora had an illegitimate relationship with one of her beck-and’s, and pawned the child off as her husband’s. Evanora’s husband died only a few years later, and the truth came to light with close family only.
  18. Leland, Captain of the Guard: Leland took command of the soldiers of the palace, and the movements of the elven armies when Taraniz (under the influence of Noraedin) killed the previous Captain. Leland was rather young for the position, but did well for himself, especially after Piper took the throne.
  1. Mr. Darcy: History unknown
  2. Beck-ands: Short for Beck-and-Calls, the name given to human slaves.
  3. Jessica Hill: Jayson Hill’s younger sister. Jessica graduated her school for the arts at the age of 16. She studied acting for several years, but eventually went back to school for a psychiatric degree.
  4. Stephanie Mitchel: Jack Mitchel’s younger sister.
  5. Ms. Pince: One of the librarians at the Swansdale Public Library. She dedicated her life to the library, and was constantly passed over for promotions for one reason or another.
  6. George Potts: Alias given to Dimitri by Brodric Garrision
  7. Uncle Rob: Jack’s Uncle. Married to Kiera, Jack’s mother’s sister.
  8. Aunt Kiera: Jack’s Aunt. His mother’s sister.
  9. The Council of the Elders: A group of individuals, each representing a different Quarter of either Mount Kelsii or The Tutarian Mountains. Each person is elected by those residing in each Quarter.
  10. The Conclave of Nobles: Each region within the Elven territory of Chartile is represented by a Lord, Duke or Baron. These individuals convene and meet to advise the Royals on matters of State. Though they hold no real power, the King and Queen often defer to what the Conclave wishes to keep the peace.