Unedited Excerpts from the Upcoming Chartile Sequel!

Chapter One
The Worst Day Ever

Charlie Hill absolutely, positively, without a doubt, hated his life. As he lay in his bed, staring up the ceiling that his father once stared at as a child, there wasn’t one thing in the whole world he could think of that he liked about his life. He could hear his older sister, Chelsea, blasting her horrible excuse for music from the bathroom as she showered, and his mother was busy in the kitchen making breakfast. Amanda Hill never made breakfast except for the days they went to visit Charlie’s father.

~  ~  ~

The first thing Charlie noticed was the smell. It was the smell of lush grass, sweet, and of course, his one allergy. He lay there, his eyes still shut, waiting for his body to erupt in a red hot itching rash. But it never came. He dared to open his eyes, wondering where his glasses had fallen to, and found himself in a large clearing in the middle of a dense forest.
The second thing Charlie noticed was that he was stark naked. How he hadn’t noticed before, he had no idea. Charlie quickly looked around the clearing. There was no one around. Covering himself to the best of his ability, he darted for a mass of bushes straight ahead. He found a leaf on the ground behind the bushes the size of a dinner plate. He wiped the dirt off, and used this to cover the front of himself.
Now panic was beginning to set in. Was this some sick joke Malcolm’s friends were playing on him? He wondered if there were cameras somewhere. Maybe behind him at this very moment. Charlie found another dinner plate-sized leaf on the ground, and quickly covered his rear end. He had to get out of here, and fast. But where was he?
Charlie looked at the trees and bushes around him. Some looked vaguely familiar, but most everything else was entirely foreign. Not a single maple tree anywhere, and Fulton County was notorious for its maple trees.
“Okay, don’t panic,” Charlie said to himself. He reached up to push his glasses up his nose, and realized they weren’t there. How could he see without his glasses? He was practically legally blind without them. His heart was pounding so hard in his chest, Charlie was ready for it to burst out and begin flopping around on the ground in front of him.
Charlie felt a warm, humid air across the back of his neck. The hair stood up, and he turned around very slowly. What he saw was not what he expected to see. Charlie stared into the bright golden eyes of a black panther. It grinned back at him, showing a level of intelligence that terrified Charlie even more than being this close to a wild animal.
“If you were to run,” the panther whispered to him, “It would be all the more fun for me.”
It took only a split second for the realization that an animal had just talked to him to subside before Charlie bolted back out into the clearing. The panther threw back its head and gave a kind of laughing roar before taking off after Charlie.