Some friends of mine had a recent scare when the storm that swept across Virginia last week left them a chicken short. They looked everywhere for their little chicken, and they couldn’t find her! Luckily, a few days later, Anna – the chicken – magically reappeared! I was so inspired that I wrote the story from what I imagine was Anna’s point of view. This is one of my first attempts at a short story. Enjoy!


Anna and What the Wind Says

Anna was a happy little chicken. She lived on a farm with her brothers and sisters, the mules, and her caretakers, Mr. and Mrs. Baird. Anna would spend all day foraging for seeds and yummy grubs in the grass and fields on her farm. Anna was a good chicken, and she was happy.
One day, Mr. and Mrs. Baird gathered Anna and the other chickens into their coop.
“There’s a big storm coming in!” said Mr. Baird to Mrs. Baird. “The chickens will be safe in here.”
“What’s a storm?” Anna asked her sister Elsa.
“I don’t know, but it sounds scary!” said Elsa, and she fluffed her feathers.
Anna had never seen a storm before. She wanted to see what it was like. Before Mr. Baird could latch the coop, Anna snuck out behind him and hurried off toward the barn.
She squeezed through the front door and saw the mules, Robin and Tristain, hunkered into their stalls.
“What’s a storm?” she asked them.
“A storm is full of wind that blows your fur and whistles in your ears,” said Robin.
“What does it say?” Anna asked.
“No one knows,” said Tristain. “No one can speak wind.”
“I’m going to find out!” said Anna, and she waddled off.
Soon, it grew very dark, and the snow started falling. Anna knew what snow was. She played in it with her brothers and sisters all the time. She fluffed her feathers and kicked up the snow at the far edge of the farm. The snow began falling faster. Anna could see the lights on in Mr. and Mrs. Baird’s house. It looked very warm. Her coop was probably very warm too. Anna shivered, but continued to wait.
It was several hours later, and Anna was completely covered in snow. She shivered and fluffed her feathers even more, but she could not get warm. Robin had been right. The wind did whistle, but she could not understand it. It whistled through the trees, and it whistled around the farm house and the barn. She wanted to go home now, but she couldn’t find her way back.
The snow and wind stopped, and the sun came out. Everything was covered in a blanket of white. Anna wandered around the tree line by her farm house, but could not find her chicken coop. She called for her brothers and sisters, but they couldn’t hear her.
Days and nights went by, and each night the wind whistled, but still Anna couldn’t understand it. She roosted close to a pine tree and wondered what she would find to eat tomorrow. All the yummy grubs were buried under the snow.
As the sun began to peek over the horizon, Anna felt the wind whipping at her feathers again.
“She’s gone,” said a voice very softly.
Anna opened her eyes and hopped from the tree branch. “Mr. Baird?” she called.
Still, the wind whistled.
“She was one of my favorites,” said another voice.
“Mrs. Baird?” Anna called again.
The wind rushed through her feathers and she waddled off toward the sound. Over the top of a large, snow covered hill, Anna looked down and saw her beloved farm. She clucked and called to her family and hurried to them. When she neared her chicken coop, the wind gave one last feeble blast through her feathers and she thought she heard an unfamiliar voice.
“Home,” it whispered and was gone.

Anna 3Anna Returns!

Anna 4Tristain (red) and Robin (white)

Anna 5Some of Anna’s brothers and sisters. Anna is the second from the left.

Anna 2Anna decided to roost on the swings when she found her way back home.