The Chartile series (pronounced KAR-tahyl) consists of five books in total.

Book 1: Prophecy

Jayson Hill, Jack Mitchel and Leonardo DeHaven want nothing more than to go home. After being whisked away to a strange land called Chartile, Jack, Leo and Jayson are believed to be the reincarnated souls of Chartile’s ancient kings, sent as the prophecy foretold to right the wrongs of the land. With an evil princess bent on taking every last bit of Chartile as her own, and their new friend, Piper, a mysterious girl who is more than what she appears to be at first, Jayson, Jack and Leo must decide how to embrace what the people believe them to be and how to stay true to

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Book 2: Magic

Decades after Jayson, Jack and Leo’s adventures in the mysterious world of Chartile, Charlie Hill finds himself trapped in the world of the tales his father told him as a child. Expected to live up to his father’s reputation, Charlie fails, falls and flounders his way through archery lessons, horseback riding, and even dancing lessons. But when Lord Savaric of Harpy’s Pointe, leader of the rebel faction fighting for the rights of magic users across the Elven territories of Chartile takes that which has become most precious to Charlie, it’s up to this 16 year old, gangling red-head to fulfill the prophecy his father and his friends first started.

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Book 3: Gathering Storms

Book 4: Dragon Wake

Book 5: War